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AV Composites, European leader in the manufacturing of insulating sandwich panels for the areas of veranda, shutters, construction, industry and fun.

Insulating sandwich panels



 Conservatory Roofing 

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 Pergola, Carport, Gazébo 

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 Shutters, Gates, Doors 

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 Clean rooms 

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Our Strengths

A dynamic team,
A large stock,
Technical adaptabality through innovative solutions,
An experience recognized by our customers for over 20 years,
Respect of delivery time,
Our competitiveness regarding a very active competition.

Innovation and Technology

The company AV Composites was established in 2005 by its managers Vincent Aprin and Fabrice Gravier further to a  competition organized by the Ministry of Research and Industry and OSEO (ANVAR), for which it was a winner and also received awards :

- "Master Creator 2004" for entrepreneurship
- 4th prize CREA 13 in 2008
- Regional and national award 2010 trophy for innovation awarded by the INPI
- Regional and national OSEO prize awarded by Deloitte in 2010.

Proving itself innovative, AV Composites pursues its development by offering the market innovative and patented products.

AV Composites is a SAS with a capital of 396.001 €uros, which has seen its sales steadily growing up in the first 5 years, and in 2015 AV Composites has set a goal of doubling its turnover within 5 years to reach 10 million € in 2018 (a National implantation with an international development).

Since 2008, AV Composites never ceased to invest in the expansion of its industrial site:
- 2008: creation of its industrial site of 4500m²
- 2013: expansion to 6500m² with a second building
- 2017: forecast of second industrial site of 15000m²

With three  semi-continuous production lines to ensure flexibility and excellent productivity, nowadays AV Composites has a production capacity of:
- 1,620 m² with one team / day or 356 000 m² per year
- 2430 m² with two teams / day or 534 000 m² per year.

As the core business of the company is the mastery of panels gluing, the choice of a two-component polyurethane adhesive was an evidence:

- More cohesive system than a one-component glue (no air bubbles)
- Glue mechanically more efficient
- Hard and soft glue (but not brittle)

Comparison: "The best of one component glue is as good as the worse bi-component glue".

AV Composites is a company at the forefront of innovation with several patents registered each year.
Technical expertise enabled to achieve around 3000 hours per year of R&D based on the following tools:

- CAD (Computer Aided Design)
- 3D printer
- Spectro-colorimeter
- Steaming
- Lacquer Thickness Gauge
- Stereo Microscope
- Acoustic Enclosure with meter
- Traction, flexion, peeling machine
- Acetic acid salt spray Enclosure
- Vacuum pump
- Experimental Research methodology based on the factor matrices DOE

AV Composites company has a wide range of different products to meet the technical requirements in all relevant fields.